Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A name with a face…

Do you ever see someone you recognize but not remember their name? Perhaps you think for a minute, pondering where you know that person from, wondering if they remember you. Here at the Kitchen, we see a lot of faces - it can be hard to link a name to each face.

Recently, one of the coordinators for St. Catherine’s Women’s Shelter was training a new volunteer to be an overnight host. Somehow she knew the volunteer’s face. She couldn’t place it, but she recognized her.

The next night, the same volunteer came to stay. The coordinator again met her at the shelter and suddenly realized where she’d seen the face before. The previous fall the volunteer had been in a job-readiness class in the Day Center – she had been a client, one of the many faces. Now a volunteer, she was giving back.

Her story serves as a reminder that, homeless or not, every face has a name, a story and a heart.

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