Tuesday, October 6, 2009

updated current needs

Our current needs, in order of importance, are as follows:

Financial Support

Kitchen Needs:
Sandwich Baggies
Lunch Bags
Lysol Spray, Wipes, and Cleaner
#10 Cans of Carrots, Corn, Sweet Peas, Pork n Beans, Baked Beans, Black Eye Peas, Great Northern and Pinto Beans, Potatoes ( White or Sweet), and Fruit
Latex Gloves
Corn Starch
Sugar (5 lb bags or more)
Instant Dry Milk (50 lbs or 100 lbs bags)
Tube and/or Shell Noodles (Medium Size)
Dish Detergent, Laundry Detergent
12 oz. Styrofoam Cups and Bowls
Aluminum Foil - heavy 18” x 500' rolls
Storage Bags (2-5 Gallon)
55 Gallon Trash Bags
Coffee (any)
Cereals (any)
Soups - #10 cans (any kind)
Cheese (5 lb bags)
Spaghetti Sauce- # 10 cans or 15 oz. (red sauce)
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Clear Wrap

General Needs:
Blankets, Jackets and Sweaters
Clothing for Men and Women - especially adult socks, shoes and underwear
Hygiene Items - shaving cream, deodorant, razors and feminine hygiene products
Pens and Pencils
Towels, Shampoo
Bug Spray

Equipment Needs:
Hydraulic or Electric Lift for Box Truck
Seven 5/8 Rubber Maid Gallon Bus Box (2 Pk) $9.38 at Sams (for busing tables)
5 Gallon Plastic Food Containers
Rolling Cart
4 Oz. Portion Scoops

Friday, August 28, 2009

A note from Rob Lawrence, HELP 2 case manager

This spring, Frances McDonald brought an art project into the Community Kitchen. The following is Rob Lawrence's description of the project and it's impact.


On Main St., across from Createhere
Steel sculpture and 300 4x4 ceramic tiles

The 300 tiles making up the obelisk sculpture were created by homeless artists at The Chattanooga Community Kitchen and other area churches and agencies. Facilitated by Frances McDonald of Mark Making, artists Julie Clark, John McLeod, Carla Guerra, and other assistants, the project was not without its challenges…most notably the loss of many tiles, when they were kiln-fired incorrectly…but all involved agree it was and is an amazing outlet for their feelings and creativity. As Mr. McLeod says: "This was the most amazing teaching experience I've ever had and a rare opportunity to give back to my community. The tiles were a poignant testament."

Mark Making is a local non profit founded by Ms. McDonald whose mission is to “empower non-professional artists by teaching them 21st century problem solving skills with the goal of a more fulfilling life. For participants, many of whom face major life challenges, Mark Making provides an economic and cognitive edge in this current Age of Creativity. By creating an environment conducive to art making, as well as, coaching these emergent artists on the basics of line, shape, color, and texture, Mark Making provides a safe space for the expression of the participant’s inherent creativity. The end result is a public art project that benefits the participants and beautifies the local community.”

Each tile is marked with an individual’s drawings and/or words used to describe his/her idea of a home, commentary on being homeless, words of gratitude, dedications, memoriams, or sometimes a request for employment with their qualifications. The homeless are not the only ones to benefit from this sculpture; passers-by stop and spend a considerable amount of time circling and reading the messages posted there. I have seen tears, laughter, and a new awareness on the faces of many as they pause in their stroll down the rejuvenated and beautiful section of Main Street.

This project was selected as one of six in a competition organized and administered by the Public Art Committee under the Department of Parks and Recreation. "Homes" will be in place for two years. The City then has an option to purchase; otherwise it will go to the entrance of the CCK in 2011.

As homeless artist M. Douglas’ tile says: God’s opening doors. All I have ever wanted is a home to call my own. No one could ever make me leave. I am 54 years old. God opened a door for me last week. Now, I’m buying my home and I never have to leave!”

We would like to thank all homeless persons who created tiles. You are great poets, philosophers and visual artists. You are our real teachers and are all amazing!

Rob Lawrence
HELP 2 Case Manager

Monday, July 27, 2009

Incredible Numbers - services in high demand!

A new monthly record of over 16,000 meals served at the Community Kitchen in June!

The Kitchen has been expecting a record year since February, but at this rate, 200,000 meals could be served by year end – far more than the anticipated 160,000 or last year’s record of just over 130,000.
This record demand has taken a tremendous toll on the Kitchen’s finances and supplies.

Not only are there more hungry mouths to feed, but the extreme heat has placed a great strain on the air conditioners working to keep our homeless neighbors safe from the heat. In fact, June’s electricity bill exceeds $8,400. Bills are stacking up and becoming hard to pay. The pantry is dangerously low on grits and butter and is completely out of napkins.

With unemployment rising, health care costs out of control and foreclosures every day, our neighbors are relying on our Community Kitchen more now than ever. But with more meals to serve, a mortgage to pay, and buildings to cool, the Kitchen’s having a hard time paying the bills and needs your help!

Call 423.756.4222 or visit www.homelesschattanooga.org to learn more; your donation will make a tremendous difference in the lives of our area’s most vulnerable citizens.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day Center Grand Opening!!!

Our Day Center is finally open, and we're very excited. Please Join us June 2nd, 2009 from 2:00 - 6:30pm at 739 East 11th Street. Come see what you've made possible - another homegrown national model in action.


The Spring 2009 Newsletter is now finished. Take a look....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fundraiser Today

Chattarati, a local news and opinion site is hosting a fundraiser today for the Community Kitchen.

Please visit their site today to learn more!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Unum does it again!

This March, Unum made Friday the 13th a very lucky day for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. In recognition of Unum's accomplishments in such a tough economic year, the company wanted to stress that it is still important to give back to your community. They also gave the Kitchen a special surprise, a $10,000 check!

The morning started with several of the executives meeting employees at the door, helping collect the food and sort it into barrels. The Unum employees came with full hands; at 7:30 piles were already overflowing around the barrels. In fact, we had to send the truck back twice to collect more empty barrels! In the end, the food drive resulted in over 3.1 tons of food - pretty amazing for a couple of hours on a dreary Friday the 13th morning!

Not only was the morning (spent with Tom Watjen, Bob Greving, Suzanne Payne, Gwen Moore, Cathy Barrett and others) great fun, but it was also a testament to our wonderful community. The Chattanooga campus came out on top raising more food than any other - showing just how giving we are, and how much our fellow Chattanoogans appreciate their fortune.

We've said it before, and well say it again, we're glad to have Unum in our community!

Friday, January 30, 2009