Monday, March 16, 2009

Unum does it again!

This March, Unum made Friday the 13th a very lucky day for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen. In recognition of Unum's accomplishments in such a tough economic year, the company wanted to stress that it is still important to give back to your community. They also gave the Kitchen a special surprise, a $10,000 check!

The morning started with several of the executives meeting employees at the door, helping collect the food and sort it into barrels. The Unum employees came with full hands; at 7:30 piles were already overflowing around the barrels. In fact, we had to send the truck back twice to collect more empty barrels! In the end, the food drive resulted in over 3.1 tons of food - pretty amazing for a couple of hours on a dreary Friday the 13th morning!

Not only was the morning (spent with Tom Watjen, Bob Greving, Suzanne Payne, Gwen Moore, Cathy Barrett and others) great fun, but it was also a testament to our wonderful community. The Chattanooga campus came out on top raising more food than any other - showing just how giving we are, and how much our fellow Chattanoogans appreciate their fortune.

We've said it before, and well say it again, we're glad to have Unum in our community!