Monday, July 27, 2009

Incredible Numbers - services in high demand!

A new monthly record of over 16,000 meals served at the Community Kitchen in June!

The Kitchen has been expecting a record year since February, but at this rate, 200,000 meals could be served by year end – far more than the anticipated 160,000 or last year’s record of just over 130,000.
This record demand has taken a tremendous toll on the Kitchen’s finances and supplies.

Not only are there more hungry mouths to feed, but the extreme heat has placed a great strain on the air conditioners working to keep our homeless neighbors safe from the heat. In fact, June’s electricity bill exceeds $8,400. Bills are stacking up and becoming hard to pay. The pantry is dangerously low on grits and butter and is completely out of napkins.

With unemployment rising, health care costs out of control and foreclosures every day, our neighbors are relying on our Community Kitchen more now than ever. But with more meals to serve, a mortgage to pay, and buildings to cool, the Kitchen’s having a hard time paying the bills and needs your help!

Call 423.756.4222 or visit to learn more; your donation will make a tremendous difference in the lives of our area’s most vulnerable citizens.